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Breaker 1



Interpol | Breaker 1


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Origin Story

The setting is Athens, Greece in 69 B.C. Ashley Speropulous, crippled by self-esteem issues, dreamt of an organization where 25-50 other girls exactly like her can pay to congregate, delay the maturation process, and decrease the chance of being a productive member of society. And thus the first sorority was created.

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Do you hear the sound of my nose hairs growing?

It’s the sound that a cool, fall breeze makes as it billows through a field of wheat.

As my nose hairs grow, I feel that I also grow.

My nose hairs untangle and build a bridge to greater awareness and existentialism.

I breathe in and my nose hair filters the bad energy. Nose hair sustains me.

As they grow, so do I.

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I should live in salt.


I should live in salt.

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I Should Live In Salt



I should live in salt
for leaving you

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Anyone's Ghost

The National

Didn’t want to be your ghost
Didn’t wanna be anyone’s ghost
But I don’t want anybody else
I don’t want anybody else